About the DSC

Members of the 55th District School Committee, left to right: Mr. Matthew P. O'Malley (Milton), Mr. Charles W. Flahive (Westwood), Mr. Aidan G. Maguire, Jr. '79 (Canton), Vice Chair Eric C. Erskine '81 (Braintree), Chair Thomas R. Polito, Jr. (Dedham), Marybeth Nearen (Randolph), Mr. Francis J. Fistori '75 (Avon), Mr. Kevin L. Connolly (Norwood), Secretary Michael C. Franzosa '10 (Holbrook). Photo by DSC Recording Secretary Joanne Kuzborski.


At the DSC meeting on June 18, 2019, new officers were elected for the 55th District School Committee which begins on July 1, 2019. They are as follows:

    Chair Thoms Polito of Dedham, Vice Chair Eric Erskine of Braintree, and Secretary Michael Franzosa of Holbrook




AVON               Mr. Francis J. Fistori (Class of '75)

BRAINTREE    Mr. Eric C. Erskine (Class of '81) VICE CHAIR

CANTON          Mr. Aidan G. Maguire, Jr. (Class of '79)

DEDHAM         Mr. Thomas R. Polito, Jr. CHAIR

HOLBROOK    Mr. Michael C. Franzosa (Class of '10) SECRETARY

MILTON           Mr. Matthew P. O'Malley

NORWOOD     Mr. Kevin L. Connolly

RANDOLPH    Mrs. Marybeth Nearen 

WESTWOOD  Mr. Charles W. Flahive


Email: jkuzborski@bluehills.org for Joanne Kuzborski, District School Committee Secretary


For upcoming meetings, see the DSC Meetings or the Subcommittee Meetings page. 

For our District Policy Book, notices and other important documents see the DSC Documents and Notice 


Members of the DSC at the groundbreaking ceremony for the school renovation project on June 25, 2018.

Left to right: State Treasurer and MSBA Chair Deborah Goldberg, DSC Secretary and School Building Committee member Eric C. Erskine of Braintree, DSC member from Norwood and School Building Committee member Kevin L. Connolly, DSC Chair Marybeth Nearen of Randolph and Supt. James P. Quaglia who is chair of the School Building Committee. Photo by Judy Bass.


Charles W. Flahive (Westwood)

Charles W Flahive

Email: flahive8@comcast.net     Phone: 781-769-3535

Where are you from originally?


Why do you like being on the District School Committee?

I like working in education and making good schools better, and working with students, parents, and teachers.  I am still on a number of committees.

What is your educational background?

I am a graduate of Boston University, B.S., M.Ed.   Also attended Northeastern University, Tufts University, etc.

What things do you like to do in your spare time?

I love sports with my family, giving back to my community, and my grandkids.  I spent forty-five years as a teacher and administrator at Westwood.  Also as an administrator in New Hampshire and at King Philip High School.

Who are your heroes?

My mother...my wife and family...and my good friend and coworker, Phillip Flaherty, who worked with me at Westwood High School and on the MASA and MIAA.

Best advice you ever received

Be honest, work.hard, and take people for what they are. I also love Maine.

Marybeth Nearen (Randolph)

Marybeth Nearen

Email: nearfam@comcast.net      Phone: 781-961-1074

Where are you from originally? 

My parents built our family home in Randolph, Mass. in 1949.

Why do you like being on the District School Committee? 

I enjoy advocating for/with students, parents and community members.

What is your educational background? 

Since 2005 I have been an active elected School Committee member for Randolph working with the Department of Education, Senators, Representatives, Town Council, creating policy and seeing that students have the tools needed to succeed. I was also a teacher's aide for a high-quality private nursery school teaching pre-school children motor skills, social skills, pre-math and pre-literacy skills. Currently I have a license to sell real estate in Massachusetts and went to college for Business Administration/Contract Law.  

What things do you like to do in your spare time?

I love spending time with my family, cooking, reading and volunteering in the community.

Who are your heroes?  

To me, anyone who stands up and advocates for what they believe in is a hero. So many examples, but some famous ones that come to mind are Maya Angelou, United States military personnel and Abraham Lincoln. I believe these three are heroes because they all advocate/advocated for freedom without expecting anything in return. A true hero, in my eyes, doesn't expect to be rewarded because the satisfaction of helping others is their passion and reward. 

Best advice you ever received 

In order to be happy in life, you follow your passion when selecting a career. There are few feelings better than achieving a level of success you set out for yourself. Remember work does not have to be something that you dislike doing, stay true to yourself and always do what makes you happy.

Kevin L. Connolly (Norwood)

Kevin L. Connolly


Email: viceadmiralkc@yahoo.com     Phone: 781-769-5499

Where are you from originally?


Why do you like being on the District School Committee?

I like education. I love politics. It's a way of affecting a lot of people's lives for the better, I am hoping. And ultimately I believe that is why we are all here.

What is your educational background?

I have an associate’s degree from MassBay College. 

What things do you like to do in your spare time?

Sports, movies, going on trivia sites and answering trivia questions. And watching the local sports teams, like the Red Sox, as much as I can.

Who are your heroes?  

John F. Kennedy is my first hero. Bobby Orr of the Bruins. My big brother James, who graduated from Blue Hills Regional, Class of ’75.

Best advice you ever received

JFK's quote: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Find something that you are good at and stick with it.

Francis J. Fistori BHR ’75 (Avon)

Francis Fistori

Email: ffistori@modernautobodycollision.com     Phone: 508-580-6422

Where are you from originally?

I was born in Somerville and moved to Avon in 1963

Why do you like being on the District School Committee?

I enjoy working with the committee for the benefit of the school and the students.

What is your educational background?

Blue Hills graduate Auto Repair program in 1975

What things do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with my family and tinkering with custom cars and motorcycles

Who are your heroes?

My father because he always gave me what I needed not what I wanted, this taught me to work hard for the material things I wanted.

Best advice you ever received?

Keep pushing towards your goals even if they don’t seem attainable.

Aidan G. Maguire, Jr. BHR ’79 (Canton)

Aidan G. Maguire

Email: amaguire@bostonmechanicalservices.com     Phone: 617-594-6037

Where are you from originally?

Originally from Lynn, moved to Randolph in 1976.

Why do you like being on the District School Committee?

My way of giving back to help the kids.

What is your educational background?

Blue Hills grad 1979, five years of pipefitters training HVAC.

What things do you like to do in your spare time?

Golf, watch sports and auto racing

Who are your heroes?

Harry Truman, “The Great Satchmo,” Louis Armstrong

Best advice you ever received

“There is no such thing as a stupid question if you learn something.”